Surf Life Tenerife was founded in January 2018 by Antonio, owner and surf instructor, who left his previous life as a manager in a sports store in Italy to move to Tenerife and follow the sun and his dream of living the surf life.

Surf Life story

« My life changed when I was 20 years old. I was a Political Science student and a novice journalist, every day wearing my suit and reading the latest political news in the newspaper.

I went to Fuerteventura for a family holiday and I randomly surfed my first wave. At that moment, I realized that something big was happening to me.

As my life evolved, I never stopped traveling for surfing and I discovered another passion that connected me with the ocean even more: freediving.

During my upper level job career in a Decathlon store in Italy, I came to Tenerife on holiday. I joined a Surf Camp and experienced feelings that I had never felt before. The connection that surfing creates among people is incredible. I fell so much in love with the island that when I came back home, it was clear to me that something was missing.

On my first day back to work, I literally escaped from the store at half of my work shift and started driving away until a red light stopped me. I realized that my whole body was stiff and that I didn’t know where I was driving to.

I asked myself what was wrong and I couldn’t find the answer. Then I asked myself where I wished to be, and the answer was clear: in the water. Two weeks later I decided to quit my whole life and come back to Tenerife to start working as a surf instructor.

1 year and a half later, I decided to start my own project: Surf Life Tenerife.

Surfing made me a happy person, and my job is to make other people happy by teaching them something that will change their life forever, as it has changed mine.”


The origin of Surf Life Tenerife was a small 5-seat minivan, a few surfboards on the roof and a bucket full of wetsuits in the back. Antonio spent his days driving around to pick up his students from different locations and taking them to the beach for the surf lessons. 

In May 2019, Surf Life Tenerife opened its school in Playa de Las Américas, just a few hundred meters from the spot where the surf lessons take place.

“ Your vibe attracts your tribe ”

The Surf Life family slowly started to grow and it is now composed of a great number of surf instructors and booking managers. Each of us follow our own sun and share a project:

living a happy life made of waves.

« Surf Life is made up of smiles which express the joy of those who love the sea and believe in a different way of living. » 

« Surfing made me a happy person and my job is to make other people happy by teaching them something that will change their life, as it changed mine. » 

Ready for a lifetime experience?

Instructor team

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Owner, Surf Coach Lev 2 Federación Española Surfing & Freediving Instructor

“ When I started Surf Life Tenerife, I just wanted to live my life by sharing with people what I loved the most: surfing. I never thought I’d have a business one day. I had always disliked the figure of the entrepreneur. I didn’t want to be a boss. And suddenly those few surfboards I kept in my garage led to a project in which an entire work team now believes. And those people now live thanks to the happiness we pass on to other students. And this is precisely Surf Life’s mission: to create and share happiness through the passion for surfing, for the people who are part of it and for those who decide to try this wonderful sport that has changed our lives. We’ll do our best to do everything with love ”

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Maria Luisa

Booking Manager

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Booking Manager & Surf Instructor & Surfskate Teacher

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Surf Instructor Federación Española Surfing

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Surf Instructor Federación Española Surfing

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Surf & Stand Up Paddle Instructor Federación Española Surfing

Wall of fame

Best experience. I had stopped surfing for a long time so I was in beginner class for lesson one. With amazing teaching from Alvaro I made small progress each ride and was in the green water during the next session. I was fortunate to have most instructors as my teachers during multi lessons. They were all professional and very kind. They all made sure everyone had their chance to catch a wave and kept it like this all the way throughout each session. I felt safe and they helped me to feel confident. Highly recommended! Thank you Alvaro, Beatrice, Alex, Julian and the bossman who made sure everybody surfed safely.
Very heartwarming team who queers you up on your improvements. They actually watch everyone and give specific individual advice to improve your surfing. Highly recommended!
Sophie J.
I wanted to thank the Surf Life team for a truly amazing experience! I am a newbie and was trying surfing for the first time in my life. First of all, the booking experience is really smooth, and you tend to communicate via whatsapp for anything you need. I had to change the timing and it was very responsive. On the day of the surf itself you are given all the necessary equipment and theory intro before you touch water. Everything is easy to grasp. The surfing class was awesome and everyone was able to stand on the board, after some trial&error. The team goes above and beyond to make sure you learn and have a great experience, as well as fun! Separately, I wanted to thank my coach Alex for the passion he puts into his craft, professionalism and being attentive to his group as well as making sure we are progressing in our surf attempts.
Artem M.
We booked a week-long holiday with Surf Life based on the amazing reviews. The hype is SO well deserved! We felt loved and supported throughout the whole experience. We met the friendliest, most enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructors and staff, all the admin and communication was impeccable, nothing but positive vibes from start to finish. We've left Tenerife as better surfers and happier people. We are so grateful to Surf Life for making it happen. We'll definitely be back with all our pals.
Fran H.
Had a fantastic time on a 5 day surf camp with them. The instructors are passionate and knowledgeable about what they teach, giving useful advice tailored to your surfing level. The beach you’re going to be taught at gives plenty of options for waves, suitable for everything from beginners to more advanced surfers. Pick-up from your accommodation + a range of equipment are provided and lesson times follow the tides so you can get the best experience out of your time in the water. Honestly cannot recommend them enough.
Daniel C.
He tenido la mejor experiencia con esta escuela de surf! En este verano me han enseñado a surfear desde 0, y ahora sé surfear perfectamente. Se podría decir que he estado ahí más que en mi casa jajaja. Todos los monitores, recepcionistas y el dueño son suuper majos y te tratan con mucho cariño. Les echo de menos a todos!! En el plan de material hay de todo. Hay de todos los tipos y tamaños. Nunca ha habido ningún problema con eso. Absolutamente vale la pena porque te lo pasas genial y encima aprendes mucho en poco tiempo! Lo recomiendo muchísimo para aprender surf desde 0 y para practicar después de un tiempo sin estar surfeando. A mi sinceramente, surfear me ha cambiado la vida y le ha dado un giro emocionante. He conocido a mucha gente especial en esta escuela en tan poco tiempo que nunca voy a olvidar!! Gracias por todo a todos y espero volver lo más pronto posibleee!
Our three children (age 9, 13 and 15 years old) enjoyed a week of intense surfing experience with lots of fun and laughter. The surf teachers did an absolutely brilliant job catering for different ages and levels, keeping the lessons super enjoyable whilst teaching them at the same time. Kids absolutely loved this week! Thank you so much to Alex, Bea and Alvaro!!!!
Nicole M.