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Surf Life Tenerife was founded by Antonio, owner and surf instructor, who left his previous life as a manager in a sport store in Italy to move to Tenerife and follow his dream of living the surf life.

“My life changed when I was 20 years old. I was a political science student and a novice journalist, everyday wearing my suit and reading the last political news on the newspaper.

Than I went to Fuerteventura for a family holiday and I randomly surfed my first wave. In that moment I realised that something big was happening to me.

While my life was evolving, I never stopped travelling for surfing and I discovered another passion that connected me with the ocean even more: freediving.

Fun at the beach before starting the lesson

During my upper level job career in a Decathlon store in Italy, I came to Tenerife on holidays in a Surf Camp and I experienced feelings that I have never felt before. The connection that surfing is creating between people is incredible and I felt so much in love with the Island that when I came back home It was clear for me that I was missing something.

The first day back at work I literally escaped from my store at half of my workshift and started driving away untill a red light stopped me. I realised that my whole body was contracted and that I didn’t know where I was driving to.

I asked myself what was wrong in that moment and I didn’t find the answer. Than I asked myself where I would have liked to be and the answer was clear: in the water. Two weeks later I decided to quit my whole life and come back to Tenerife to start working as a surf instructor.

After 1 year and a half I decided to start my own project: Surf Life Tenerife.

For me it’s not just a surf school, but it is a way of living my life and spreading my passions around. Doing what you love to do in your life would not have so much value if you didn’t share it with people.

Surfing made me a happy person and my job is to make other people happy by teaching them something that will change their life, as it changed mine 

Surf Life Tenerife Instructor

Ready for a lifetime experience?

Free pick up
He will pick you up with his surf van and take you to the beach while listening good music and warm up your mind for a fresh surf session!
Small Groups
The group lesson will never have more than 6 students in order to create a stronger relation between teacher and students.
Customised training
Antonio will not get in the water with a board untill you are able to catch waves on your own. He will always wear fins and help you catching your waves and stabilizing the board during your take off.

What they say about Antonio

“I really cant say if surfing just is that great or Antonio makes it that way. I had the best time learning something new from this italian energyball. He is motivating, funny and takes your fears serious at the same time. I can just say let him teach you surf life, because he is great at it and will make you feel like you are too.”
Carla L.
on Facebook
“If you want to learn how to surf there is no better person to teach you than Antonio. His overall positive attitude and his warm and welcoming character make him the ideal person to lead you to that special kind of feeling that gets people hooked on surfing when they are in the water with a surfboard for the first time. He is a surf instructor who puts all his heart in his teaching of surf and will thus make sure that you will have the greatest of time in the water and on land. Moreover Antonio is a very responsible person and he will take special care of children during surf lessons to ensure their safety and to reassure them if they feel a little scared. I consider myself lucky to have met Antonio for him not only being a great surf instructor but also a wonderful human being. Cheers mate!”
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Martin K
on Tripadvisor
“This was my second time surfing and I could not have asked for a better surf instructor than Antonio. He is just a Shining Bright light of life and joy, he is so helpfull and patience. Antonio helped me get up on the surf board more than once, always smilling and pays so much attention to every surf student he has, so you learn so much and feel secure in the Water. I enjoyed it so much and can only recommend that if you go to Tenerife and want to surf then lookup Antonio, you Will have the time of your life and a smile on you face All Day Long..”
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