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Life was born in the ocean and we believe there is nothing better than finding the way to get back to it. Our marine biologist Paco is ready to take you to the sea. It doesn’t matter if you have never tried diving before or you already have your certification.

We organise:

  • FIRST DIVES: From 55€ (if you decide to follow the whole course after your first experience, the price of the first dive will be taken away from the total price of the course)
  • CERTIFIED DIVERS: For those who already have their scuba diving certifications, we will lead you to the best places in the southwest of Tenerife where to discover its marine life.
    Dive from the shore – 45€
    Dive with the boat – 55€
  • DIVING COURSES: Based on the standards of PADI, PROTEC and FEDAS CMAS, we organise weekly intensive diving courses. After a successful finished course you will receive your certificate. Depending on the level and on the certificate, the price can vary between 280€ and 370€

The southwest of Tenerife offers you many different diving opportunities with a lot to discover. Here you find some examples:

  • Las Galletas, best place to try diving due to its fauna – from 4 to 12 meters
  • Green turtles and stingrays – from 10 to 25 meters deep
  • Boat wrecks from 16 to 19 meters
  • Sailing ship wreck in Puerto Colon – 21 meters
  • Yellow mountains with volcanic lava – 24 meters
  • Underwater arch and caves in Valito – from 8 to 29 meters
  • Deep dive San Miguel arch – 40 meters


All our dives include:

Professional marine biologist + Scuba diving instructor

HD videos and pictures

All equipment


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