Premium Surf Coaching


The program dedicated to improving your Surf

The package aimed at intermediate and advanced level surfers

The Premium Surf Coaching package with Surf Life Tenerife is aimed at intermediate and advanced surfers. The objective is to offer a private and customised program which allows you to improve the technique and knowledge of the world of surfing.

The course is developed in 3 days and has a maximum of 4 participants.


To be independent in the water and to know how to safely manage the equipment

To paddle autonomously

To be able to take off waves in front-side and back-side


Private instructor

Lesson video recording

Theory sessions

Video analysis

Surf skate sessions

Premium Surf Coaching Learning Phases

The Premium Surf Coaching learning process with Surf Life Tenerife will be divided into 5 different phases.

Each phase will be organized in theory sessions and practise in the water and with the surfskate.

1 – Observing and reading waves

2 – Take off and bottom turn on the wave

3 – Generating speed on the wave – Carving / Up & down

4 – Cut Back – Changing direction on the wave to get back to the breaking point and regain speed

5 – Advanced maneuvers:

a. Snap back – The surfer comes off the bottom turn rising up to the lip of the wave to get back to the wall with a quick turn on the top

b. Floater – Surfing over the broken part of the wave in order to get over a closing section

c. Lay back – During a turn on top of the wave, the surfer falls back onto the water and uses the wave’s strength and their own leg strength to then return to the standing position

d. Off the lip – A vertical top turn in which the surfer rises to the top of the wave, projecting half of the board off the wave’s lip, to get back down towards the bottom of the wave without losing speed

Premium Surf Coaching is designed to get the best combination from a professional training in and out of the water with the aim of improving the performance of its participants!

Price per person :

1 person : €449,00

2 person : €349,00

3 person : €279,00

4 person : €249,00

what is included in the price :

Transfer from the accommodation (from Callao Salvaje and Los Cristianos) to the school and back

All the equipment (surfboard, wetsuits, surf shoes, leash)

Wide choice of surfboards of any size (soft, epoxy, fiberglass)

Use of the school facilities (shower and bathroom)


Lesson video recording

the program :

1st day

– 2 hour surf lesson with private instructor in the water

– Session video recording

– 2 hour video analysis and theory

2nd day

– 2 hour dry technique training and surfskate session

– 2 hour session with private instructor in the water

3rd day

– 2 hour surf lesson with private instructor in the water

– Session video recording

– 2 hour video analysis and theory

Surfing with the Surf Life team

Take off


Antonio takes off a fairly big wave. In this case, it is essential to already direct the board in the direction of the wall and observe the trajectory you want to build

Bottom turn con Longboard


The bottom turn performed with a longboard requires the weight to be distributed mainly on the tail of the board. On this wave Antonio is drawing a turn with a 9.2 longboard performer

Cut back


With this cut back, Marco quickly changes direction on the wave to return to the white water where he regains speed

Snap Back


Alejandro finishes the ascent of a wave with a quick snap that will allow him to return to the wave pocket. He will keep surfing the wave from there with enough speed



Finding himself in front of a wave breaking section, Alejandro performs a floater on the crest with the aim of overcoming the foam

Lay back


Marco leans on the wave wall while remaining stable on the board during the lay back performance

Off the lip


During this backside ascent, Marco emerges from the crest of the wave with a large part of the board. His eyes are already aiming at the wave base where the maneuver concludes

At Surf Life Tenerife you will meet a team of lovers of the sea, a group of friends full of energy who can’t wait to share the surfing “good vibes” with you!


Premium Surf Coaching

Extended Package

You are smart working on the island or a permanent resident and want to improve your surfing with a personalized approach and a dedicated instructor?

Surf Life instructors offer personalized training based on your level, with:
  • Flexible lesson times
  • Transport from the accommodation to the beach
  • Practice with surf skate
  • Theory lessons about the ocean and how to read waves
  • Use of the Surf Life facilities with shower included
  • A wide range of surfboards to choose from – of all sizes – for intermediate and advanced surfers
Price table
Pack2 person3 person4 person
Pack 1€ 290€ 230€ 195
Pack 2€ 490€ 409€ 350
Pack 3€ 675€ 565€ 490
Price table
Pack2 pers.3 pers.4 pers.
Pack 1€ 290€ 230€ 195
Pack 2€ 490€ 409€ 350
Pack 3€ 675€ 565€ 490

With the Premium Surf Coaching extended package you can choose a package of private lessons and have the chance to rent the equipment for free for the period of time established for each package*

Pack 1

5 private lessons, 1 video recording session


5 free surfing days €350

Pack 2

10 private lessons, 2 video recording sessions


20 free surfing days €650

Pack 3

15 private lessons, 3 video recording sessions


30 free surfing days €900

Do you have one or more friends who want to join you in this improvement path? Each additional participant involves the application of a 25% discount on the total.

* Renting the equipment during free surfing days will be allowed during the group lesson times established by the Surf Life team

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