Surf Lessons, Kayak With Dolphins, Tandem Paragliding and much more!

Surf Life Tenerife is an official surf school of Federación Canaria de Surf founded with the aim of sharing the feelings and emotions coming from nature and the sea. 

Surf Life Tenerife is based on a professional team that offers adventures and sport activities in order to provide you with the best experience that the island can offer.

surf life tenerife
Surf School Tenerife - Surf Lesson - Playa de Las Americas

Surf school

Are you dreaming of catching a wave for the first time? Would you like to improve your skills and start to find your way for an epic ride? Take it over with the good vibes of Surf Life Tenerife.

Kayak With Dolphins

The Southwest coast of Tenerife is the home of a variety of cetaceans, especially of dolphins. Kayaking is a privileged way to get a close encounter with these amazing animals in wildlife.


From the ocean, up to the sky. Get the amazing feeling of flying with a qualified tandem paraglider over the island of Tenerife.

Other Activities

Keep on discovering the ocean of Tenerife. Swim close to green turtles, observe whales in the wild and dive into the blue.


Surf Life Tenerife Instructor


Surf Instructor
When you're looking for a heartwarming smile, a kind word or a friendly ear, the surf instructor Antonio demonstrates his passion for teaching and love of the ocean as soon as his board hits the water.
Freediving Tenerife


Diving and freediving instructor
The ocean life is not going to be a secret anymore when our marine biologist and Apnea Academy instructor Paco will take you for a discovery trip with his boat along the coast of Tenerife.
Paraglifing Tenerife


Tandem paragliding pilot
Just few steps and a short run from the take-off zone and you will find yourself flying with Lorenzo in the blue sky of Tenerife.


Book your SURFCAMP in our surfhostel and get your package of surflessons and activities to discover the ocean of Tenerife!

Surf Life Tenerife

We are based at the Escuela Municipal Acuatica de Adeje.
The school is open from Monday to Friday, from 10.00 to 15.30, but you can contact us by phone whenever you want to!

We offer transfer from La Caleta and the south of the Tenerife for going surfing in Playa de Las Americas.