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Adventure boat trip for snorkeling with turtles

The Southwest coast of Tenerife has always been a natural home for a variety of marine species, especially for sea turtles. In the past, many beaches like El Puertito de Adeje gave people the chance to reach these wonderful animals right after a short swim from the shore. Snorkeling with turtles was a really easy and achievable experience.  However, as this put their life in danger, turtles have been taken to safe zones.

All the pictures of turtles and cetaceans were taken from Apnea Academy under the supervision and control of the marine biodiversity department of the “Ministero de Medio Ambiente”/”Red Promar”

Today, the only one way to have a close encounter with them is an adventure boat trip. Our professional marine biologist and freediving instructor will take you directly to the green turtles habitat, and will give you the special opportunity to swim with them. To make the most of your experience, you will be also taught how to interact with them in safe and respectful conditions, in order not to make them get away and swim close to you.



The trip lasts around 2 hours, it costs €47*

*all prices are per person and include:

Pictures from the experience


Snorkels and Masks


Professional marine biologist guide


• Let us know if you need an extra transfer •

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